Net Worth

Here is a breakdown of our combined net worth. It will be updated monthly.

November 2016

TFSA (Tax free savings account): 93 000$

RRSP (Registered retirement savings plan): 18 350$

Investment accounts total: 111 350 $

I have a defined benefit pension plan with my employer. I have no intention of working at my current job until I am 55, which is the minimal age where you can get the pension payments (with massive penalties since the normal age is 65). I will almost certainly end up transferring its value in a registered account (Locked-in RRSP) and invest it in the stock market when I leave my employer.

Pension plan approximate value: 13 500 $

Money total: 124 850 $



Real estate

Condo (based on others sold in same building): 390 000 $

Mortgage: 340 000$

Grand total: 174 850 $

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