About Mr. and Mrs. Surfer

Mrs. Surfer and I are married, both 29 years old, no kids yet, and working towards building enough wealth to get us financially independent. We don’t have a specific date when we want to quit our jobs. We don’t even have a specific number yet. But we do know we need to save and invest money as early as possible in our lives to take advantage of compounding our investment returns to get to a stage where our investment returns are larger than what we can save annually.

We both have full-time jobs, our combined income at the moment (2016) is somewhere between 130k and 140k before taxes annually. We save as much as we can while trying to keep a comfortable living standard. We are currently saving and investing a little less than half of our net income.

I called this site Personal Finance Surfers because we are into surfing. Living in Canada, most of our surfing happens behind our wakesurf boat. We will be surfing in the ocean every occasion we get when we go on trips, we love playing in the water!

Mr. Surfer was raised by middle to low income parents that had a great career and managed to both end up with +100k salaries at the end of their career. That was not their plan however, so they saved money all their life and are now happily retired with more money to spend than they ever had. They are the best example and inspiration a child could have.

Mrs. Surfer was raised by high income parents. They were responsible with their money, but have a standard of living a lot higher than we could have at the start of our married life. Lots of discussions were had, and Mrs. Surfer joined the financial vision and the Masterplan with enthousiasm.

This is a journal of our thoughts and vision about our finances, with our detailed progress towards getting rich!  🙂

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